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Asiatic Black Bear (Asia)

Scientific Name: Selenarctos thibetanus

Subspecies: Six of the seven described subspecies live in this region: 1. Chinese Black Bear (Selenarctos th. melli): Sichuan, Shanxi, Hibei, Yunnan to Fujian and Hainan (China). 2. Ussuri Black Bear (Selenarctos th. ussuricus): Amur-Ussuri region in Russia, Mongolia, Heilongjiang in Manchuria, northeastern China and Korea. 3. Japanese Black Bear (Selenarctos th. japonicus): Honshu (Japan). 4. Taiwan Black Bear (Selenarctos th. formosanus): Taiwan. 5. Kashmir Black Bear (Selenarctos th. laniger): Sporadic in southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Punjab, Kashmir, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Xizang (Tibet). 6. Baluchistan Black Bear (Selenarctos th. gedrosianus): Southeastern parts of Baluchistan to Midran, southern Kalat and the extreme north-west of Las Bela, in the Jhal Jao Mountains and at Jebri.

Habitat: Shrubby and deciduous forests up to the timber line about 3500 m. elevation.

Description: Medium sized bear weighing up to 150 kg and measuring up to 70 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total length of 2 meters, without tail. General colour black.

Hunting method: Stalking, on a kill, with dogs.

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