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Big red stags in Hungary

High success rate! Really impressive trophies... here stags carrying a trophy of over 16 kg have been shot. The average trophy size of a rutting stag from this district is 8-11 kg. If you really are looking for a big trophy, this is the place to hunt


  • High rate of sucess!
  • Average weight of a rutting stag in this district is 8 - 11 kg - but stags of over 16 kg have been shot
  • The size of the district is around 33,200 hectares
  • The district houses a population of stags which, as far as trophies are concerned, are significantly larger that the Hungarian average

5 days from €1,080

This hunting district, 33,200 ha. in size, lies in the south of Hungary- close to the border with Croatia. It is home to a stag population which, as far as trophies are concerned, are significantly larger than the Hungarian average.

In other words, this is the perfect district for hunters who are looking for the largest possible European red stag trophy, taken from a wild animal living in the open countryside.


The accommodation here is of the same quality as the hunting - you will say in a atmospheric hunting lodge, in wonderful surroundings, with a standard of catering that is really out of the ordinary.

The hunt

These huge Hungarian stag trophies are naturally extremely sought after, and hunting here cannot exactly be said to be cheap.

On the other hand, in Hungary a system is in operation which ensures that the hunter only has to pay for his trophy, it it falls within a range of +/-15% of the size agreed in advance.

Quite simply it is the responsibility of the hunting guide to estimate the size of the trophy correctly, within this margin of error.

If the guide does happen to make an error, the hunter has the right to leave the trophy with the district without being charged for it - this is a great way of protecting the hunter from exceeding his budget.

If, for example, a trophy size of 8kg is agreed upon, you can refuse to take the trophy if it lies outside the range of 6.8 - 9.2kg.

Hunting period

September 1st - September 30th during the red deers rutting period


The price includes

  • 5 day hunting with 1:1 guiding
  • 5 days accommodation in a 1st class hunting lodge with full board
  • Organisation fees
  • Hungarian hunting license and insurance

The price does not include

  • Transport to and from Hungary
  • Airport transfers ca. € 350,- for up to 3 hunters, payable directly on site
  • Final settlement of shot game, according to pricelist
  • Arrangement fee € 200 per hunter
  • Transport in the hunting district € 1,- km/ vehicle – billed following the protocol and payable directly to the district
  • Single room supplement € 20- pr. person pr. night
  • Extra day hunting € 130,-
  • Measurement of trophies, € 40- pr. trophy
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities for hunting guide
  • EU-public liability insurance € 5,5,-
  • Cancellation- and hunting-travel insurance
  • Everything not mentioned under "the price includes"


Trophy deposit
50% (red stag of 10 kg)

Trophy Price List

Red stags
Up to 2.99 kg                EUR 660,-
3.00 – 3.99kg                EUR 920,-   
4.00 – 4.99kg                EUR 1325,-   
5.00 kg                          EUR 1650,- + EUR 4 per 10 gram over 5.00 kg
6.00 kg                          EUR 2050,- + EUR 12,84 per 10 gram over 6.00 kg
7.00 kg                          EUR 3340,- + EUR 12,60 per 10 gram over 7.00 kg
8.00 kg                          EUR 4600,- + EUR 20,50 per 10 gram over 8.00 kg
9.00 kg                          EUR 6650,- + EUR 24,75 per 10 gram over 9.00 kg
10.00 kg                        EUR 9125,- + EUR 40,75 per 10 gram over 10.00 kg
11.00 kg                        EUR 13200,- + EUR 75 per 10 gram over 11.00 kg
Above 12 kg                  EUR 20700,- + EUR 90 per 10 gram over 12.00 kg

Wounding = 50% of the trophy size estimated by the guide. 




Tusk Length          
12.00 – 13.99 cm EUR 477-      
14.00 – 15.99 cm EUR 715-      
16.00 – 17.99 cm EUR 1030,- + EUR 19,25 per mm over 16.00 cm          
18.00 – 19.99 cm EUR 1415- + EUR 16,25 per mm over 18.00 cm 
Above 20.00  cm  EUR 1740,- + EUR 16 per mm over 20.00 cm  

Skins        €107-
Wounding  €335-

Young boars €200-
Piglets €87-
Sows (over 50 kg cleaned) €335-
Wounding: 50 %                         

Trophy Hunting
Your Hungarian hunting guide, will be able to judge the size of the game with a high degree of accuracy, and will help to get you the best possible chance of a shot. Following Hungarian hunting regulations, as a visiting hunter, you must accept a margin of error of +/- 15% of the estimate trophy size for game shot. If the error is greater than 15% you can leave the trophy in Hungary. This helps to give a higher degree of security when estimating your hunting budget. 


Anne Fick

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 15

Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

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