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1. Ownership
2. Cookies
2.1 Declaration of websites use of cookies
2.2 How long are cookies active
2.3 How to delete cookies
2.4 How to avoid cookies
2.5 How we use cookies on our website
2.6 Google Analytics (traffic measurement)
2.7 YouTube (video)
3. Use of personal information
3.1Contact us about stored personal information
3.2 Protection of personal information.

1. Ownership

This website is published by:

Limpopo Travel
Tel. ++45 62 20 25 40

2. Cookies

2.1 Declaration of websites use of cookies

Purpose of the cookies used on this website:

Internal/1st party cookies

External/3rd party cookies

Technical functionality



Traffic measurement



Advertising development (frequency, monitoring users etc)



Behaviour based individually targeted advertising



This website uses cookies for the purposes outlined above. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in you browser which enables us to recognise your computer when it visits again. No personal data is stored in our cookies, and they cannot contain viruses.

2.2 How long are cookies active

Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (the number can vary), but they renew themselves after each visit.


2.3 How to delete cookies

Follow the guidelines given here :


2.4 How to avoid cookies

If you don’t wish to accept cookies you can block them. Follow the guidelines given here:


2.5 How we use cookies on our website

Cookies are used to gather statistics on visitor numbers, their geographical location, pages visited etc. This allows us to adjust our content and advertising accordingly

2.6 Google Analytics (traffic measurement)

We use Google Analytics cookies to analyze your visits. This measurements are used to produce statistics on the use of our website as well as to find discrepancies on the website, all of which helps us to improve your experience of our site.

Cookies contain a randomly generated i.d. which is used to recognise your browser when you visit a website that uses Google Analytics. The cookies does not contain any personal information and is only used for web analysis. You can decline cookies from Google analytics here:

2.7 YouTube (video)

We use Youtube ( for video clips. Youtube use cookies for uses such as collecting data on the number of times a video is shown. The cookies do not contain personal information.

3. Use of personal information

Personal information is never disclosed to third parties, unless you have given your express consent, and we never collect personal information unless you have given us this information via tcontact forms, online bookings, payments, registrations, etc. Here we collect information concerning names, address, postcodes, email, gender, age, interests, attitudes and knowledge of various topics.

Personal information is used to complete the purchase or service for which the information is collected in connection with, for example, by sending our newsletters, booking travel and the like. Information is also used to gain greater knowledge of our website users and can be included in studies and analyzes in order to improve products, services, and services.

3.1 Contact us about stored personal information

If you wish access to the information we have about you with us, please contact us on ++45 62 20 25 40. If the recorded data is incorrect or you have other objections, please contact the same number. You hereby have the opportunity to gain an insight into what information is stored about you and you may object to the registration under the provisions of the Personal Data Act

3.2 Protection of personal information.

According to the Privacy Act, personal information must be kept secure and confidential. We store your personal information on computer systems with limited access, which are located in controlled facilities, and our security procedures are checked regularly to determine whether our user information is handled securely and in continued consideration of your rights as a user. However, we can not guarantee 100 percent security when transferring data via the Internet. This means that there may be a risk that other unauthorised parties can gain access to information when data is transmitted and stored electronically. You therefore  give so your personal information at your own risk.

Personal information is deleted or made anonymous continuously as the purpose for which it was collected, terminates. The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may be necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and amend these guidelines for handling personal information. If we do, we shall of course the date of the "last updated" date at the bottom of the page. In case of substantial changes we will notify you in the form of a visible notice on our websites.

To the extent that we process personal data about you, you have, according to personal data legislation the legal right to ascertain what personal data relates to you. If it turns out that the information or data we have concerning you is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to demand that this information is corrected, deleted or blocked. You may at any time object to information about you being the subject of such treatment. You can also at any time withdraw your consent. You have the opportunity to complain about the treatment of information and data relating to you. Complaints submitted to the DPA, see the Personal Data Act § 58 paragraph. 1

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for the vast majority of websites to function properly. They ensure, for example, that you are not constantly dropped from the website you are visiting.

Technical cookies are necessary and are always enabled.


appCurrentDomainId - 1 år

Gemmer id'en på nuværende domæne, som bliver brugt til at styre sproget

fixednewsletter -

TravelVisitedProducts -

vmcms - Slettes når browseren lukkes

Hjemmesiden bruger denne cookie til at identificere den besøgende, på tværs af sider, under besøget.

PHPSESSID - Slettes når browseren lukkes

Hjemmesiden bruger denne cookie til at huske brugerens session.


lastHash - 1 dag

Gemmer den sidste hash værdi i urlen


viewedOuibounceModal - efter session

brugt til at huske hvis der er blevet vist en ekstra hjælpe besked


Shop_UserUUID - 1 md

Beskriver den unikke kurv

Cookie settings

vm-gdpr - 1 måned

Bruges til at huske de valg der tages under Cookie-Indstillinger.

vm-gdpr-accept - 1 måned

Angiver om cookie-indstillinger er blevet gennemgået / accepteret.


Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies help developers optimize the website by collecting information about which pages are most popular and which pages do not seem to appeal to users. This allows the website and its usability to be improved.

Statistical cookies are also used to collect general visit statistics through simple counting.

They usually have little or no impact on your privacy, as they do not record what is searched for on other websites.

Google Analytics

_ga - 2 år

Denne cookie fra Google bruges til overvågning af trafik på vores hjemmeside og sporing af hver besøgendes antal besøg, tidspunktet for det første besøg, tidligere besøg og det aktuelle besøg.

_gid - Slettes når browseren lukkes

Denne cookie bruges til at spore, hvor lang tid den besøgende bruger på hjemmesiden.

_ga_* - 1 år

Bliver brugt til at optælle og gemme antallet af sidevisninger

_gat_* - Slettes når browseren lukkes

Bruges til at reducere mængden af forespørgsler til Google


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used for commercial purposes to target ads to you.

They collect information about your movements on individual websites, thereby forming an overview of interests, habits, and activities that can be used to display relevant ads.


__lvisit - Slettes automatisk efter 5 timer

Kan oprettes ved interaktion med virksomhedens online markedsføring. Perioden forlænges ved hvert genbesøg.


_fbp - 90 days

Used to distinguish and keep track of your unique users

_fbc - 90 days

set when a user arrives at your website from an Ad and the destination URL includes the click identifier "fbclid"


_gcl_au - 3 måneder

Formålet med denne cookie er at optimere funktionaliteten på hjemmesiden

Bing Ads

_uetsid - Session

Denne cookie sættes af Bing. Formål er at spore konverteringer på tværs af hjemmesiden.

_uetvid - 13 måneder

Bruges til at tracke og gemme besøg på tværs af websider


Personalized cookies

Personalized cookies collect information about your movements on the website and can help suggest other pages, news, or products for you, based on the things you have shown interest in.

Personalized cookies are not used for marketing elsewhere on the web.

This website does not use any cookies in this category


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