Go on a hunting trip to exotic Azerbaijan

Hunting in Azerbaijan is for hunters with a good level of fitness


  • Hunting for the Famous Dagestan Tur
  • Challenging Nature
  • Huge Mountain Areas
  • Long Shoting Distances


Azerbaijan is a republic is a republic and lies next to the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea, in the south eastern part of the Caucases.  Most of the country is in Asia, but a small part of the country  lies on the  northern, European, side of the Caucasus Mountains. Azerbaijan is bordered by Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey. The country covers an area of  86,600 km2 and has a population of 9 million people. Its capital is the port city of Baku.

Hunting in Azerbaijan

Our quarry here goes by many names: the Eastern tur (Capra cylindricornis) is also known as the Dagestan tur or the  Pallas tur (after the German zoologist Peter S. Pallas), it is also called the Caucasian bharal by some as it’s horns are reminiscent of those belonging to the Blue Sheep. We can offer hunting for the Dagestan tur in Azerbaijan in districts close to Ismaili, Pashnev, Bihir and Kal Dag. These districts lie between 270 - 320 km from Baku. Here you can find good populations of the Dagestan tur and it is not unusual to see flocks of up to 100 individuals. Hunting for tur is really challenging, the mountains are steep, and walking is difficult because of the many loose stones. It is therefore important to be fit.

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