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After your arrival in Anchorage you will spend the night in a  hotel. On day 2 you will take a domestic flight to King Salmon in the morning, before carrying on to the hunting district.  This will take about an hour and a half and will take you to the main camp at Mechik. The hunting camp is far out in the wilderness, so don’t count on your telephone, wifi etc. functioning. In camp you will find a timber cabin, which functions as kitchen and dining rooms, as well as large tents with camp-beds, which is where you will sleep. A bathroom and toilets are available in camp, but they are very simple in character. No will not any spend more time than necessary in the base camp. From here you will move on to small tented camps out in the valleys, where you will spend most of your time on this tour. You will sleep in and hunt from these small camps with your guide.

Out in the valley you will both help each other with all the necessary chore.Your guide will prepare your meals. Once you have finished your hunt you will return to the main camp for a well deserved shower, before enjoying a rest day before you return journey home. There is no bed linen in camp, so bring along a good sleeping bag and insulation mat. The guide and camp personnel prepare all meals, breakfast and dinner are eaten in camp, while on some days you will bring a packed lunch with you when hunting to help save time. When your bear or moose has been shot, you guide will help with skinning and the preparation of the pelt, as well as cleaning the cranium, which are then sent on to a taxidermist. The taxidermist can prepare your bear trophy, but if you prefer you can send the bear back to your local taxidermist at home. Diana works together with a very skilled taxidermist here, who we can certainly recommend. Your bear trophy will be a reminder of your hunt that will last a lifetime. During your week hunting you will really be out in the wilderness. There are  no bars, shops or restaurants, these can wait until after your hunt when you return to King Salmon, or even better, if you spend an extra day in Anchorage on your tour home.

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