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Accommodation - Slovakia

Hunters will stay in a nearby hotel or guesthouse, in rooms with en-suite bathroom and toilet. There is a restaurant in the hotel where you can buy your meals. There is also a cosy bar. In some of the hotels we use there are also luxurious wellness facilities, which are at your disposal during your stay. If you would prepare more private surroundings, some of the districts can, on payment of a supplement offer accommodation in a hunting lodge close to the hunting district. Lodges are normally located in the forest, and are suitable for groups of between 4 to 12 hunters.

When staying at a hotel you must arrange your own meals during the day, giving you an excellent chance to sample some of the delicious local Slovakian dishes. The cost of a standard meal is between €5 - €10. Breakfast is included in the price.

If you choose to stay in a hunting lodge in the forest, there will typically be a private cook at your service during your stay. You should not expect gourmet meals, but good solid food that will satisfy even the most hungry hunter.

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