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Accommodation in the Yukon

The tour begins by flying to the town of Whitehorse in the Yukon, typically via Vancouver. You should arrange flights so that you arrive here 2 days before you plan to fly to the hunting district on a chartered light aircraft. The outfitter will meet you on your arrival at the airport in Whitehorse and take you to the hotel of your choice. We will be happy to help to book a hotel for your first couple of nights in Whitehorse. This way you can be certain that all your baggage and weapons will have arrived safely. It also will give you a chance to buy any extra equipment that you might need in some of Whitehorse’s many hunting stores and enjoy a good dinner in a restaurant before you head off into the wilderness, where meals often consist of canned food prepared over a fire.

On the morning of your planned charter flight to the hunting camp you will be collected from your hotel and driven to the charter company’s  base next to the Yukon River. Here your small charter aircraft will be waiting to fly you out to the hunting district east of Whitehorse. Your hunting guide will be waiting to bid you welcome, and will be there to assist you throughout your stay at camp and the hunt.

The chartered aircraft is usually a float plane that will land on one of the many lakes in the hunting district. Here your hunting guide will be waiting to take you onward to the planned camp. The hunting camp usually consists of spacious, heated log cabins, or alternatively tented camps deep in the hunting district.

Your stay in the hunting district includes all meals, and hunters will enjoy a good breakfast every morning and a hearty dinner in the evening after a hard day’s hunting. However you should not expect gourmet food, rather simple meals prepared over the camp fire. Both the guide and hunters help out with the chores in camp and during the hunt, and together they will make sure everything runs smoothly.

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