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Whitetail in Finland

Trophy fees i EURO.:

Shot game during the rifle hunt must be settled directly with the partner in Finland, unless otherwise is agreed in advance.
Shot game will be settled according to the following pricelists in EURO:

Whitetail EUR
 Up to 4 points 650,-
 5-7 points 750,-
 8 points 1.100,-
 9 points and up 1.500,-
 Female 400,-
 Calf 300,-
 Wounding 1.500,-
Moose EUR
 Up to 4 points 1.300,-
 5-8 points 1.600,-
 Over 8 points 2.000,-
 Cow 850,-
 Calf 600,-
 Wounding 1.800,-
Roe deer EUR
 Roebuck 700,-
 Doe 400,-
 Lamb 250,-
 Wounding 500,-

 In cooperation with our outfitter, we can offer following discounts:  
- First trophy is settled according to the pricelist
- On second trophy – 15% discount on the pricelist  
- On third trophy – 35% discount on the pricelist
- On fourth trophy – 50% discounts on the pricelist

OBS: First trophy is always the biggest trophy shot on the hunt, even if it’s not shot first.

If a hunter shoot a moose calf on the first outing, a 9 pointer whitetail buck on the second outing and a roe deer buck on the last outing. He will be charged as following: Whitetail buck whole price according to the pricelist, moose calf with -15% and roe deer buck with -35% discount according to the pricelist. 

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