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Hunting Area - Moose Hunt in Kamchatka

The largest part of the moose population is found in the northern part of the peninsula, around Penshinatal and the bordering districts. To the south population stretches as far as the town of Korf. In 1978, by the upper reaches of the River Penshinas, a Russian “meat-hunter”, shot a moose keying what is probably the largest trophy ever,  with a span of 183 cm.  In the central part of Kamchatka 50 moose were released into the wild in 1982. Since then the population has grown to several thousand individuals in size. This population has not only developed in size, but also in the quality of their trophies. Trophies from here are as good as those from northern Kamchatka. The average span of a Kamchatkian moose trophy is 155 cm, and occasionally bulls of between  170-180 cm are taken. Trophy weights can reach as heigh as 55 kg, but on average they are around 30 kg.

In September moose hunts in the hunting districts of central Kamchatka are carried out on horseback. Together with your guide you will ride out into this vast, pristine wilderness. Horses are a great help here, as the nature of the terrain makes for difficult walking. Once you spot a good bull, the final stalk will take place on foot. The stalking is often quite difficult, as you need to make it over rocks, tree stump, fallen trees, occasionally finding your way blocked by small rivers and streams. Another option is to hunt from a boat.  In some districts this can work really well, but in periods when river levels are low, hunters need to be prepared to walk long distances.

November hunts in central Kamchatka are also interesting, snow-scooters are used as much as possible, after which you stalk on foot, and with the help of fresh tracks in the snow, it is possible to hunt with a total focus of large bulls. However, because of these challenging conditions, we advise that hunters wishing to hunt in November should have a good level of fitness. Success rates in November/December are an impressive 95%.

Hunting periods available: 20th September – 15th October and 25th. November – 15th December.

Group size: 1-2 hunters.


Example itinerary:

20th. Sept.  Depart London/Frankfurt      10.30

                  Arrive Moscow                    15.00

                  Transfer to hotel and stay in Moscow overnight.

21st Sept.    In the Morning you will have time to do some sightseeing in Moscow

                  Depart Moscow                   15.15

22nd Sept.  Arrive Petropavlosk             08.45 (9 hour non-stop flight)

                 Helicopter or car transfer to the hunting camp.

22nd Sept. -2nd October     10 days hunting

3rd October  Return transfer to Petropavlosk, where you will spend the night.

4th  October Depart Petropavlovsk          10.35

                   Arrive  Moscow                   10.40

                   Depart Moscow                   15.55         

                   Arrive London/Frankfurt      16.30

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