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Hunting Area - Bird Hunt in Hungary

The more than 40,000-hectare state area is located in a small Hungarian low plain in western Hungary. This flat area is large with common forests and reed beds, which are divided into agricultural areas. In addition to a large game population, about 50% of the total area has been used for bird hunting for decades.

Each year, approximately 20,000 pheasants are relased during the summer, of which about 40% are killed during the hunting season. The daily hunting dividend of 10 shooters is between 400-500 pheasants. On request, groups can hunt only pheasants. In such cases, however, the daily output is somewhere between 80 to 100 pheasants.

Hunts are carried out with professional flaps and dogs. As a result of the early release and the adaptation to local conditions, the pheasants behave almost as wild birds.

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