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This district is one of those that produces the most trophies of medal-winning standard in Scotland! Annually, 120 bucks are shot here. The district is 6,000 hectares in size and can call on the services of 3 -4 gamekeepers.

The hunt is a combination of lying in wait and stalking. In this district it has been calculated that around 30 % of  all the roe bucks shot here are of medal winning standard - and every year they include trophiers of gold medal standard. So it can be seen that this really is a district with very good roebuck, and  on top of it all, trophy fees are also very attractive!

The district is also ideal for rough shooting,  pigeon/rabbit and shooting for geese. The hunt manager has a wealth of experience of both hunting roebuck and rough shooting. He has guided plenty hunters to really good trophies, and has had many, many groups  participating in rough shoots and goose hunts on his district over the years.  Naturally the hunt manager speaks English. A typical roebuck hunt will consist of 2 stalking sessions per day, giving a total of 6 sessions stalking.

Aberdeen airport is very close to most of the hunting districts here. There are direct daily flights to Aberdeen  from a number of cities, and on payment of a small supplement, it is possible to be collected from the airport.

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