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Scientific Name: Bos mutus

Subspecies: None.

Distribution: The Xizang plateau (Tibet) and bordering high lands, north to the Astin Tagh Mountains, east to the Gansu-Qinhai border (China).

Habitat: Alpine tundra at altitudes between 4.000 and 5.000 meters.

Description: Large wild cattle weighing up to 800 kg and measuring up to 2 m over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 3,50 m without tail (85 cm). The coat is black, thick, long-haired and wooly. The Yak is adapted to high altitudes and low temperatures and does not thrive below 3.000 m. The Yak has been domesticated for centuries by the local people and is a valuable source of meat, milk and other products, as well as being a beast of burden.

Hunting method: Formerly stalking and on horseback. Today the animal is protected by law.

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