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Sika Deer (Oceania)

Scientific Name: Cervus nippon

Subspecies: 10 subspecies have been described, 2 of which occur in the Indo-pacific region: 1. Cervus n. taiouanus: Taiwan. Introduced into England. 2. Cervus n. soloensis: The Jolo Islands and the Sulu Archipelago.

Habitat: Woodland with dense undergrowth.

Description: Medium sized deer weighing up to 130 kg and measuring up to 1,15 m over the shoulder. It may reach a total body length of 1,90 m. General colour rufous brown with white spots in summer. The stags often appear almost blackish as they like to wallow in dirt and mud. The tail is of medium length set against a white rump edged with black. The antlers are forked and have a maximum of 8 points.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait. Very shy animal, only active at dusk and dawn.

Hunting available in: England only, as it is endangered in the original area of distribution. The population in Eastern Asia is under strict national protection.

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