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Walrus (North America)

Scientific Name: Odobenus rosmarus

Subspecies: One subspecies only in North America: Pacific Walrus (Odobenus r. rosmarus): Hudson Bay and Baffin Bay to Greenland.

Habitat: Moving pack ice in the Arctic, seldom more than 15 km offshore. Summer: Haul-out on traditional coastal sites (headlands and small islands).

Description: Largest and most robust of the Pinnipeds weighing up to 1500 kg, measuring up to 1,50 m. over the shoulder and reaching a length of 3,70 meters. Unmistakable tusks (in both sexes), generally straighter, longer and stouter in males. General colour when dry, pinkish, when wet, blackish.

Hunting method: From boat, stalking (with local guides).

Hunting available in: Greenland, Alaska, Canada

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