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Scientific Name: Budorcas taxicolor

Subspecies: 3 subspecies have been described: 1. Mishmi Takin (Budorcas t. taxicolor): Assam, Bhutan and Burma. 2. Sichuan Takin (Budorcas t. tibetana): Sichuan, Gansu and Tibet? 3. Golden Takin (Budorcas t. bedfordi): Southern Shaanxi.

Habitat: Dense alpine and sub alpine bamboo forest: 2.400 to 4200 m near the tree line in summer and lower in winter.

Description: Large cattle-like animal weighing up to 350 kg. It measures up to 1.30 m over the shoulder and reaches a total body length of 3,50 m without tail (15 cm). General colour brown to golden yellow, sometimes even sooty patches. The horns bend sidewards then upwards and backwards.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: Cites classification: B. Washington convention list 2.

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