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Muntjak, Michies/Tufted Deer

Scientific Name: Elaphodus cephalophus

Subspecies: A total of four subspecies have been described: 1. Elaphodus c. cephalophus: Northern Burma, Sichuan and Yunnan (China) 2. Elaphodus c. michianus: Zhejiang (China). 3. Elaphodus c. ichangensis: Hubei, to eastern Sichuan (China). 4. Elaphodus c. fociensis: Fujian (China).

Habitat: Forest with dense undergrowth, shrubby regions on plains and in mountains.

Description: A small deer related to the Muntjac, only slightly larger. It weighs up to 25 kg and measures up to 70 cm over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 1,50 m without tail (12 cm). General colour grey-brown with whitish rump. It has some light grey markings on the face. The forehead is almost black.

Hunting method: Stalking and lying in wait.

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