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Mountain Lion (North America)

Scientific Name: Felis concolor

Subspecies: There are a total of 30 subspecies in North- and South America, 13 of which occur in North America. Due to uncertain status and lack of specific information on the confines of their distribution, we do not describe any of them here.

Distribution: From the Rocky Mountains in the east to Alberta (Canada). From B.C. to Washington, over Oregon, and from California to Texas.

Habitat: Mountains with narrow gorges, forests and marshes.

Description: Heavily built cat weighing around 100 kg and measuring more than 75 cm over the shoulder, reaching a total length, without tail, of almost 2 meters. General colour brown to greyish brown, with dark brown tip of tail and back of ears. The eyes are golden green.

Hunting method: Stalking, with specially trained dog that are put on a fresh scent and when the Puma is tracked down force it to leave the tree where it is hiding. Traps.

Hunting available in: Some of the States of USA and Canada.

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