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Mesopotamian Fallow Deer

Scientific Name: Cervus dama mesopotamicus

Subspecies: None.

Distribution: In restricted areas along the rivers Karkheh and Dez in Khuzistan, southern Iran, In enclosures at Dasht-e-Nas, the coastal region of the Caspian Sea and in Semeskandeh and the Askh Island in the Urmia Lake, Iran. The population having markedly increased of late (source: Dr. G. Heidemann).

Habitat: Open woodland with undergrowth.

Description: Heavier built than the European Fallow Deer, this deer weighs up to 150 kg and measures up to 1,40 m over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 2,50 m without tail (30 cm). General colour reddish brown with white spots, like Dama dama. The antlers are compacted and less palmate than those of the European Fallow Deer.

Hunting method: Threatened with extinction. The subspecies may survive due to good breeding stocks in zoo's. Cites classification: A.

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