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Lynx (North America)

Scientific Name: Lynx lynx

Subspecies: For North America two subspecies are described: 1. Canada Lynx (Lynx l. canadensis): North America (Alaska, Canada from the northern treeline to the great lakes in the south, in the USA form Pennsylvania in the east over Oregon to Colorado and Sierra Nevada in the west. 2. Newfoundland Lynx (Lynx l. subsolana). Newfoundland (rare).

Habitat: Forests and marshes.

Description: Long-legged, heavily built cat, weighing around 25 kg, measuring up to 75 cm over the shoulder, reaching a body length, without tail, of almost 1 meter. Coat variable from yellowish brown over grey-brown to whitish. Spots are most marked on legs, paler on body. Tail short, with black tip, and the ears have long tufts.

Hunting method: Traps, tracking in snow, sometimes lying in wait near bait.

Hunting available in: Canada.

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