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Jaguar (South America)

Scientific Name: Felis onca

Subspecies: From a total of eight described subspecies, six live in central and South America: 1. Felis o. centralis: Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama to Columbia. 2. Felis o. onca: The Amazon basin, the Orinoco basin (Venezuela, Guyana, northern and central Brazil and eastern Bolivia.). 3. Felis o. hernandesi: Western Mexico. 4. Felis o. goldmanni: The Yukatan peninsula. 5. Felis o. peruviana: Peru, Equador and Bolivia 6. Felis o. palustris: Southern Brazil and northern Argentina.

Habitat: Dense, tropical forest, savanna, marshes and swamps with good cover, often in the vicinity of water.

Description: Large, heavy cat weighing around 160 kg and measuring up to 75 over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 2,40 m without tail. General colour deep yellow with black spots. On the back and flanks these spots make up rosettes, with a small black dot in the middle.

Hunting method: Lying in wait near bait, with dogs and snares.

Hunting available in: Protected by law. Washinton convention list 1.

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