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Jaguar (North America)

Scientific Name: Felis onca

Subspecies: From a total of 8 subspecies, 2 lives in North America: 1. Felis o. ariconensis: Sonora, southeast Arizona, northwest Mexico. 2. Felis o. veracrucensis: Southwest Texas, from Veracruz to Tabasco.

Habitat: Lesser mountains, Bush- and cactus plains, open forests.

Description: The Jaguar weighs around 160 kg, and measures up to 75 cm over the shoulder, reaching a length without tail of 2,40 meters. Heavy built cat with golden fur with black spots. The spots on the flanks and the back are rosettes with a small black dot in the middle.

Hunting method: With bait, with dogs and traps.

Hunting available in: With a few exceptions hunting is available in all areas of distribution, in limited numbers however, because the population is threatened.

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