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Book flights to Whitehorse in Yukon: you should plan your trip to ensure you arrive here the day before you will take a charter flight out to the hunting district. We would be happy to book hotels for our guests here, allowing them to spend the night in Whitehorse and ensure that all their baggage and weapons have arrived safely.

On the morning of your planned charter flight, you will have to take a taxi to the company’s airport where an Alpine Aviation Charter aircraft will be waiting to fly you to the northern British Columbia, where you will find the hunting district and the three basecamps. On arrival your guide and wrangler will bid you welcome and help you with everything during your whole stay.

The three base camps in the area feature cozy heated cabins, spacious cook houses with full kitchens, hot showers, separate guide cabins and even WiFi. Our hunters enjoy a hot breakfast each morning and a home-cooked dinner each night. Even our spike camps have wood-stove heated cabins or wall tents with propane cook stoves and bag showers.

These features make the spike camps more comfortable than the base camps at many other operations. 

From your initial charter flight into camp and throughout your stay, you will be greeted with impeccable hospitality, incredible scenery and outstanding hunting !

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