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Camp Ansten

The camp consists of solid cabins, bunk rooms or large tents with double canvas. There is also a mess tent, sauna and bathroom and dry toilets. Every tent/cabin is heated by a open fire or an electrical heater. A generator also supplies power for lighting. Beds, bed lining and poss. sleeping bags are provided. To ensure that all hunters manage to shoot a bear, the hunt prioritises hunters that have not yet shot a bear during the trip. You must therefore be prepared to accept that your hurting is over once you have shot your bear. Bring along a good book… it is possible to leave the camp early by helicopter but this is very expensive. It often happens that a hunter shoots his bear on his first or second day. Often 2 hunters and 2 guides hunt together on 2 snow scooters, because for safety reasons one never goes out into the wilderness with just one snow scooter. The only way of communicating with the outside world from camp is via a satellite telephone.

We recommend you bring along a calibre 30-06 rifle or above, with hard nosed ammunition such as Nosler Partition. In Russia you must be prepared to pay for excess baggage on all flights. Airlines are not particularly flexible if you have more baggage than the amount allowed. 

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