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Scientific Name: Canis l familiaris dingo

Subspecies: Some authors argue that the Dingo is a relation of the domestic dog. Other authors are of the opinion that it is related to the Indian Wolf. In the mountain forests of New Guinea the New-Guinea Dingo (Canis l. familiaris hallstomi) is found. It is assumed that this Dingo has evolved from the Papuan domestic dogs. But all attempts at classification in this case are uncertain.

Distribution: Introduced into Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Habitat: Forests, mountainous and rocky regions.

Description: Medium sized dog weighing up to 20 kg and measuring up to 50 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,50 m without tail (35 cm).

Hunting method: On horseback, with dogs and traps.

Hunting available in: The Dingos are fiercely hunted in Australia, due to their frequent attacks on domestic livestock, especially sheep.

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