Roebuck hunts

Exciting roebuck hunting in the Haute Garonne

Through our well known French partner in Mauritius we have gained access to an exciting NEW hunting district in the Haute Garonne region, on the French side of the Pyrenean Mountains. Our partner previous worked in this district himself, both as a guide and as a gamekeeper, and can warmly recommend both the organisation and numbers of game here. During the year we have had a number of hunters in the area and the were all very pleased with all aspects of their hunt.


The district lies in a beautiful, fertile and very varied landscape, with rolling hills, forest, meadow and some arable crops. The district is a 1.5 hour drive south east of Toulouse. Roebuck hunting pressure is very limited, and there is a good chance of shooting a large, mature buck.

In addition to the roebuck hunting the Haute Garonne is also a very interesting part of France. It is the “narrowest” part of the country, with only 200km separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. There are many fascinating historic towns and castles, including Toulouse, the famous pilgrimage destination Lourdes and Pau. The tiny country of Andorra is also close by. The local cuisine and wine are worth the journey alone. All of this makes the destination also very attractive for the non-hunting members of the family.


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