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Scientific Name: Tragelaphus angasi

Subspecies: None

Distribution: South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

Habitat: Dense Bush and in thickets along rivers and streams.

Description: Middlesized anthelope of 110 - 130 kg and a shoulderheight of 110 - 120 cm. General colour dark slaty brown with a purplish tinge, with white and lightbrown markings. The Nyala has ca. 11 white stripes down the side of the body and are characterized by a shaggy coat enormously developed on the underside from the chin to the hind legs. Furthermore, it has, like many of the other Tragelaphus' a crest of hair that continues down the spine. The horns are reminiscent of the ------- (only thinner) and usually have a single open curve.

Hunting method: Lying in wait, track hunting.

Hunting available in: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

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