Hunting in England is always a wonderful experience


  • Unique Deer Species
  • Great Bird Hunting
  • Good Trophy Prices
  • Beautiful, hilly hunting Landscape

Hunting in England

England is a perfect destination for both trophy hunters and shotgun enthusiasts. England’s hunting districts are characterised by the many good roebuck, and the large populations of wood pigeons. For something more out of the ordinary, it is possible to hunt deer species here that are not normally found in European forests, namely sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer.

Many medal winning trophies are shot on our English districts every year, including several gold medals. The beautiful woodlands here are home to very good populations of game, and this in combination with the low trophy fees, make England ta very attractive destination for trophy hunters. We arranger roebuck hunts here from 1st April - to 31st October.

Are you passionate about wing shooting? If so, England is certainly for you. Several of our destinations here offer classical pigeon shoots. These pigeon shoots often take place in classical English farmland. The large fields, woods and copses that characterise the landscape provide an ideal habitat for the large population of pigeon found here. England is therefore a perfect destination for shotgun enthusiasts. We arrange pigeon shoots in the spring and autumn.

Do you already have many roebucks hanging on your wall? Or would you like to enjoy a change from your usual buck hunts? Over the years a range of different deer species have been introduced into the English countryside, species that are not normally found in the forests of Europe. Deer such as muntjac, sika, fallow and Chinese water deer. England can therefore offer the unique opportunity of hunting for a different, exciting trophy to hang on your wall at home. Typically we arrange hunts for these stags in the autumn, but please refer to the individual tours for more information.

Experience for yourself English hospitality, when after your hunt, you visit the surrounding villages. Here you will find plenty of cosy local pubs, serving great beer and tasty traditional dishes.

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