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Hunting for Balkan Chamois

Here, you can experience exciting hunting for Balkan chamois in mountainous areas near Jadovno.


  • Mountainous terrain
  • Strong populations of game
  • Exciting hunting for the agile Balkan chamois
  • Cozy accommodation

If you dream of an exciting chamois hunt, then Croatia is definitely worth considering. We offer a unique opportunity for individual Balkan chamois hunting in a fantastic hunting near near Jadovno, which is located close to the coast. The hunt is conducted on a 1:1 basis and involves stalking an hunting from high seats.

The hunting area spans over 5,928 hectares and offers a diverse landscape, ranging from wooded hills to lush valleys, making the hunt incredibly exciting. Croatia is home to a healthy population of chamois, which typically can be find in the Croatian mountains.

Plan for the trip
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2-4: 3 days hunt
Day 5: Return
It is possible to purchase extra hunting days.

Hunting lodge with double room or alt. single room depending on the size of the group.

Hunting Seasons


1. oktober - 31. januar

Red Deer:

Stag - August 16th to February 15th

Hind - September 1st to January 15th

Calf - September 1st to February 28th

Roe Deer:

Buck - April 16th to September 30th

Doe & Fawn - September 1st to January 31st

Wild Boar: All year

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Departure

Day 2-4: 3 days of hunting

Day 5: Departure


The price includes

  • 3 days 1:1 hunting
  • 4 days accommodation with full board
  • 1 Balkan chamois up to bronze medal
  • Transfer to/from Zadar or Zagreb airport
  • Hunting license
  • All transportation during the hunt
  • English interpreter
  • Trophy preparation for local storage
  • Export certificate

The price does not include

  • Flight from Copenhagen to Zagreb or Zadar
  • Firearm fees on the flight
  • Hunting travel and cancellation insurance
  • Trophy shipping and taxidermy
  • Rental of firearms with daily equipment (EUR 60, paid directly)
  • Rental of firearms with thermal night equipment (EUR 80, paid directly)
  • All alcoholic beverages and tips (approximately €100/day, paid directly)
  • Trophy fees for additional trophies 
  • EU liability insurance (EUR 10,00 per person)

Trophy price list:

Additional wild boar can be shot according to the following trophy price list:

Wild boars up to 50 kg/emptied weight EUR 135,- 

Supplement for Chamois in the medal class EUR
Bronze  EUR 305,-
Silver EUR 610,-
Gold EUR 915,-
Extra Chamois up to Bronze medal EUR 1.980,-

Refund if there has been no change for a Chamois EUR 1.520,-

0 - 15,9 cm EUR 350,-
16,00 - 17,9 cm EUR 675,-
18,00 – 19,9 cm  EUR 1.120,-
20,00 - 21,9 cm EUR 1.270,-
22,00 - 23,9 cm EUR 1.470,-
24,00 - 25,9 cm EUR 1.775,-
26 cm + EUR 1.980,-
Sow EUR 475,-
Wounding EUR 135,-


Red deer EUR
Spiker EUR 270,-
3 - 9 points EUR 680,-
10 - 13 points EUR 1.020,-
+ 14 points EUR 1.350,-
Hind EUR 405,-
Calf EUR 270,-
Wounding EUR 135,-


Roe deer EUR
Spiker EUR 340,-
Fourpointer EUR 475,-
Sixpointer EUR 675,-
Abnormal EUR 1.020,-
Doe EUR 135,-
Fawn EUR 100,-
Wounding  EUR 135,-

Fox - No charge 

 All searches for wounded game: EUR 100 (pay directly)

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