PRICE $3,995

Pronghorn Hunt in New Mexico

If you wish to hunt Pronghorn Antilope, we now have the opportunity of offering this exciting hunt in the open prairies and stoney hill country of New Mexico. It is an absolutely unique hunting experience!


  • The district is home to a strong population Pronghorn
  • Fine, representative trophies
  • Prairies and areas of stony hill-country
  • It is possible to hire weapons from the outfitter
  • Only 10 places are offered per season

3 days from $3,995

It is with great pleasure that, for 2018, we can offer this exciting new destination in the state of New Mexico in the USA. Here we can offer hunting for Pronghorn Antilope on a 4,000 ha privately owned ranch, where the success rate over the last 9 years has. Been an impressive 100%, with fine trophies of between 70-85 inches.

The population of pronghorn here is very strong, and the hunt is primarily for good, representative trophies. 4x4 vehicles are used to get around the hunting district, from them you scan the open expanses with binoculars. The greatest challenge during this hunt is stalking though the open landscape towards these wary alert antelopes, to get into a position from which you can make a safe shot.

Pronghorn antelopes really thrive best on the open prairie, this means you might need to shoot from long range. We therefore recommend that you adjust the sights on your rifle for shots in the order of  200m. It is possible to hire a rifle from the outfitter that is set up for the conditions you will meet here.

You will first fly to the city of Denver, Colorado, from where, after picking up a hired car, drive to the town of Raton in New Mexico (circa a 4 hour drive).

Hotel accommodation should be arranged in the town of Raton, from where you will drive out to the hunting district each day, or be picked up by the outfitter, depending on what you have arranged. Your guides take care of all transport during the hunt, which is also included in the price.

Available hunting dates 2019:

- 24-26th August
- 27-29th August

Book your hunt in good time:

In order to ensure high quality trophies and guarantee licenses to all visiting hunters, this hunting district only offers 10 places per hunting season, so it is very important that you book this hunt early in the year.

The price includes

  • 3 days hunting 2:1 or alternatively 1:1
  • All licenses and related fees
  • Trophy fee for 1 Pronghorn Antelope
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • All transport during the hunt

The price does not include

  • Flight trip
  • Booking fee per person, USD 250,-
  • Hire care for you own journey to the hunting district
  • Hotel accommodation and meals, circa. 150 USD per person per day
  • Rifle hire, 100 USD pr. person
  • Gratuities for the guides
  • Packing and transport of the trophies home
  • Butchering of the game, 125 USD/ pr. head of game
  • Taxidermy
  • EU-public liability insurance € 5,50.-
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Everything else not listed under “the price includes”

Exchange Rate

The price show for this tour is for guidance only as fluctuations in the exchange rate may need to be taken into account. The actual price of the tour will be agreed later.


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Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

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Telephone: 070-830 53 43

Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17

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