VIP-PLACES | Bezoar-hunt in Turkey

Extraordinary Offer for an Extraordinary Hunt

We have been granted 2 extraordinary VIP-licenses for a district renowned for its exceptionally big Bezoar Ibex. Here Bezoar trophies normally have a horn length of between 115-130cm.
Hunting Period: October – End of March
We can sell these licenses for only €7,995- + 150EUR pr. cm over 100. (The normal price for this hunt, incl. trophy is EUR 14.500,-), so it is possible to make great savings.

Sold on a “First come, first served” basis  – only 2 licenses.

If you would like to hear more, or wish to book, please phone Erik Brinkmann on tel. (+45) 63 21 43 17 between 9-17 (Mon-Fri) or email


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