TEST HUNT | Driven Hunt in Poland

With a DIANA-Tour Leader

We have worked in partnership with BARLINEK state hunting district for many years now, but even so we have decided to offer this very low-priced test hunt. Over the last couple of seasons we have experienced a few problems and challenges of different character in connection with their driven hunts. We have held meetings with the districts management, and together with them have worked out a number of improvements, which should now be in place – which therefore now need to be tested.

On the 10th November we will drive to Poland, where we will hunt on the 11-12-13th November. A tour-leader from Diana will be taking part. Barlinek lies in north west Poland close to the border with Germany and has good populations of wild boar and red deer as well as roe deer. We must mention that the difficulties previously experienced had nothing to do with the game population.

If you would like to join us as a ”test person” on this hunt, we can offer a very good price!

Price per hunters for 3 days accommodation with full board, 3 days driven hunting, all fees and licenses € 675
Game shot will be charged following the price list given below, from which will be subtracted the following discounts:
• 35 % discount on all wild boars with up to 13.9 cm tusks
• 20% discount on all keilers from 14 cm and above
• 20% discount on all hinds/does

140 mm - 159 mm, € 725,00
160 mm – 199 mm, € 770,00 + € 21,12 pr. mm over 160 mm
200 mm and above, € 1.615,00 + € 10,00 pr. mm over 201 mm

Trophy fees for keilers under 140 mm together with yearlings and piglets will be charged according to weight as follows:

Wild Boars:
Up to 29,99 kg, € 105,00
30-49,99 kg, € 210,00

Yearlings, keilers:
50-79,99 kg, € 390,00
From 80 kg, € 580,00
Wounding of piglets yearlings,
Young boars, keiler and sows, € 108,00

Red deer hinds/-calves
Red deer hinds/calves – shot, € 85,-
Red deer hinds/calves – wounded, € 215,-

Roe does/fawns
Roe deer does/kids - shot, € 43,-
Roe deer does/kids – wounded, € 70,-

If you would like to book or have any questions please phone
Anne Fick on tel. (+45) 63 21 43 15 or mail anne@diana.dk or
Joakim Pedersen on tel. (+45) 63 21 10 26 or email joakim@diana.dk

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