Roe-buck Paradise - Romania

At the moment we have a grupe of 5 very experienced roebuck hunters in Romania. Despite of high crops and very varying weather, the 5 hunters have succeeded in taking 15 bucks, of which 5 are clear gold medals. 

The hunters are very happy with the organization and here are a few comments we have received along the way. (It should be mentioned that this group has hunted a lot of bucks in many different countries).

These two pictures in this mail are of a really good buck I shot last night. It's a nice gold.
It's an absolutely incredible area with as many bucks as roes. None of us have ever
experienced anything like this earlier. The quality is similarly fantastic.

Here is a picture of my 6-year gold buck shot this morning here in Romania. Fantastic buck-hunting country.
Let me have a quote from you on a 4 day buck-hunt down here - same place and same guides and
Hotel as well as prices. Thanks in advance.

We are hunting in your amazing terrain
The landscape is unique with large rolling hill with agricultural land in between
I saw about 25 bucks last night, and 33 bucks in the morning so the wildlife is very nice.
This terrain is very special

If this is something that tempts, then we have still available periods, even in the rutting-time. Contact me at epb@diana.dk

Read more about the hunt here: PROGRAM





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