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Prince George

Covert Outfitting have access to 2 large hunting districts in British Columbia, both of which have dense populations of black bears.

The northern most hunting district is a 2-3 hour drive east of the town on of Prince George. The district is characterised by its incredibly beautiful, varied landscape, with rivers, many lakes, high mountain tops, and huge valleys, which provides a perfect habitat for black bears. In this hunting district it is possible for  4-6 hunters to hunt at the same time, making this district perfect for larger groups.

The hunting district is home to many of British Columbia’s hunt able game species including grizzly bears, big black bears, canadian moose, mule deer oand wolf.

Our hunters will be met by the outfitters in Prince George, from where they will be transferred to the hunting district which lies east of Prince George. During the hunt, our hunters will stay in tented camps or small wilderness cabins, depending on where in the district they are hunting.

Even though the terrain is very mountains, you don’t need to be in really good physical shape to hunt black bears in this district. The success rate for these black bear hunts is very high, so be patient, and have faith in your hunting guide. One well placed shot is all you need to achieve an successful black bear hunt.

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