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Tiger (Asia)

Scientific Name: Neofelis tigris

Subspecies: A total of eight subspecies have been described, three of which occur in this region: 1. Caspian Tiger (Neofelis t. virgata): Turkmeniya, the Armu-Darja region, Tadzhikstan, northern Iran, southeastern Turkey, northern Afghanistan, the Tarim and Lop-Nor. Probably everywhere extinct. 2. Sibirian or Amur Tiger (Neofelis t. altaica): Russia in the Amur-Ussuri region, northeastern part of Manchuria and northern Korea. Endangered. 3. Chinese Tiger (Neofelis t. amoyensis): Southern part of eastern China. Endangered.

Habitat: Variable. Bush, deciduous forest of the temperate zone, swamps, rivers, dry forests, at the edges of savanna, Taiga regions and even rocky areas.

Description: Being the largest cat, the Tiger weighs up to 400 kg and measures up to 1,40 m over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 3,17 m, without tail (1 m). General colour yellow to reddish-brown with distinct black stripes on face and along the back and sides.

Hunting method: From machan (high-seat), from elephant-back, driving, stalking, traps, at a kill.

Hunting available in: Totally protected. CITES-classification 3.3.97: A! Washington convention list 1.

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