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Scientific Name: Meles meles

Subspecies: A total of 14 subspecies have been described, but not all have been verified. HEPNER 1974 suggest the recognition of three groups of subspecies, of which two are found in this region: 1. Sibirian Badgers (Meles m. arenarius-leptorhynchus). 2. Far Eastern Badgers (Meles m. amurensis-anakuma).

Distribution: South to Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Tibet, southern China and northern Vietnam.

Habitat: Prefers forests, open woodlands, parks, mountainous and rocky areas with moderate climate.

Description: Medium sized, compact member of the mustelidae, the Badger weighs up to 20 kg. It measures up to 30 cm over the shoulder and reaches a total body length of 95 cm, without tail (19 cm). The coat is grey and black on the back, the face is conspicuously black and white striped. The paws are very developed.

Hunting method: With dachshounds, with terriers, from a hide and with traps.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution

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