PRICE €1,675

Moose in Lapland

We are pleased to be now able to offer this new and very exciting hunt for european moose in Lapland


  • Hunting with special moose dog
  • Good chances for bull moose
  • Possibility to experience Northern Lights
  • Hunt for 1-6 hunters

7 days from €1,675

Moose hunting is perhaps the type of hunt that Sweden is best known for. Every autumn many foreign hunters flock to Sweden to take part in a moose hunt and experience the excitement of this spellbinding hunt in the huge Swedish forests. Many dream of a huge bull moose - but how ever you look at it, it is an incredible hunting experience to line up a moose in your sights, no matter if it is a bull, cow or perhaps “only” a calf.

The hunt takes place the following manner; two of the hunters walk together, each with their own dog handler, while the rest of the hunts wait at a “pass”. A third form of hunting also used, especially during the rut, is “calling -up” and it is fascinating to experience just how close to you it is possible to call-up a moose. The hunters change roles during the hunt between “moose hunting on foot accompanied by dogs” and “sitting over a moose-pass”.

This means that even if one is not in the very best of shape, you can still fully enjoy this hunt. There is absolutely no doubt that a combination of hunting with dogs and lying in wait in strategically chosen locations, will bring you into contact with as many of the district’s moose as possible.

And remember that on this hunt you are not participating in a big Swedish hunting syndicate’s hunt, but in an exclusive hunt arranged for our clients  - i.e. a maximum of 6 hunters.

Accommodation during this hunt is a brand new, very comfortable, wilderness cabin. Full board is included, and you will enjoy many delicious local specialities during your stay.

Moose hunting opens on the 1st Monday in September and closes on the 30th November. 


Day 1: Arrival in Luleå and transfer to the hunting camp. If time allows we will visit the local shooting range to “shoot-in” your rifles. The afternoon and evening offers dinner and the chance to socialise, together with information about the next few days hunting, safety procedures etc.

Days 2 -6: Hunting as described. Lunch will be prepared in the forest over a bonfire. Dinner and a sauna in the hut during the evening.

Day 7: After breakfast, transfer to Luleå to begin your journey home.

Price per hunter
21. October 2017 - 23. November 2017

Price per hunter with 2-3 hunters
21. October 2017 - 23. November 2017

Price per hunter with 4-6 hunters
21. October 2017 - 23. November 2017

The price includes

  • 6 days accommodation 
  • 5 days hunting
  • Meet and greet in the airport and transfer to hunting district
  • Accommodation in a wilderness hut with full board and sauna
  • Visit to a shooting range for “shooting-in” of your rifles
  • All transport during the hunt
  • State and local hunting licences
  • Hunting guides and dogs
  • Field preparation of trophies

The price does not include

  • Arrangement Fee (200 Euro)
  • Flights to Luleå
  • Weapon import licence
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Trophy fees (see below)

Trophy Fees in Euro:

Bull Moose 0-4 points € 800,-
Bull Moose 5-8 points € 1.065.-
Bull Moose 9-18 points € 1.330,-
Bull Moose 19 + points € 3.200,-
Moose cow € 530,-
Moose calf € 195,-

Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Erik Hahn Pedersen

Telephone: +(45) 22 19 86 54


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