PRICE €8,665

Combination Hunt in Spain

Barbary Sheep, Sierra nevada Ibex or Beceite Ibex - which ones will you choose?


  • Classic mountain hunting
  • Sought-after trophies
  • You can shoot 2 game species on the same tour
  • Possibility of shooting Barbary Sheep, Sierra nevada Ibex or Beceite Ibex - which ones will you choose?

4 days from €8,665

Spain offer a wealth of mountain game - on this tour you can shoot 2 game species on the self same trip!

Like all other mountain game the Spanish ibex is both shy and wary. After countless centuries of being hunted by men, eagles, foxes, wolves, lynx and other predators, they have developed extremely sharp senses. They have fantastic senses of smell and hearing, while their sense of vision is incredible.

This, combined with the terrain they live in, make the Spanish ibex a worthy opponent and a much sought-after trophy.

The hunt itself is classic mountain hunting. Early in the morning, from a vantage point high up in mountains, you will first try and spot the bucks, which are often grazing in lower lying pastures.

You are free to choose between the following species:

Ronda Ibex
The Ronda ibex is slightly smaller than, for example, the Beceite ibex. It has smooth horns are curved at the tips, while it has a lighter coloured coat than the other ibex species. It’s backwards pointing, lyre-shaped horns can reach a length of around 55-70 cm.


Sierra Nevada Ibex
The horns of this species are very similar to those of the Ronda ibex, backwards pointing, lyre-shaped and reaching a length of around 55-70 cm. It is slightly larger than the Ronda ibex.

Beceite Ibex
This ibex is much sought after because of it’s size. It’s horns are large, grooved and grow straight upwards, leaving a large space between them.

Balearean Goat
Only found on Mallorca on the Formentor peninsular. This species is relatively new in a SCI-context  and much sought after. It was brought to  Mallorca around 2000 b.c.. - brought to the island by the Phoenicians, primarily as a source of food. It’s coat is reddish brown, and the males sport a beard and large, spiral, rear facing horns. Occasionally the females also grow horns.

Barbary sheep
Originally from Africa - this species was introduced to Europe in 1970. It’s coat is sandy brown in colour, growing very long in some areas, such as the neck. The horns grow out backwards and outwards, before turning inwards again. Mature animals can be recognised as the horns develop transverse “wrinkles”.

Hunting season: 12th October - 15th January 2015

The price includes

  • 5 days accommodation with full board.
  • 4 days hunting with guiding 1:1
  • All transport in Spain
  • English speaking guide/interpreter.
  • Spanish hunting license
  • Trophy fees for 2 game species of your own choice (N.B. Beceite ibex hunts are for a representative specimen! - not a medal winning trophy)

The price does not include

  • Return flights to Spain
  • Trophy preparation: € 140,- payable directly on site
  • Domestic flights to Mallorca if you choose to hunt Balearean goat
  • Export papers: € 200,- per trophy
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Gratuities for hunting guide
  • Export permit €200,- to be settled directly in the district
  • Rifle hire €200 per hunter in total
  • EU-public liability insurance € 10,00,-
  • Everything not listed under ”the price includes”
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