PRICE $11,600

Hunt for Sable, Roan and Leopard

A couple of years ago Kwalata safaris secured the hunting rights to a fantastic new district in the southern part of Zambia. The district is called Mufunta and lies on the western side of the Kafue National Park, and consists of no less than 500,000 ha. of untamed bush


  • 500,000 hectares of untamed bush
  • Very large populations of sable antelope, roan, leopard, lion, Liechtenstein's hartebeest, oribi, defassa waterbuck and buffalo
  • Areas inside this GMA were No hunting has ever taken place
  • Fantastic wildlife experience

7 days from $11,600

There has never been organised hunting in this district, which is home to very large populations of sable, roan, leopard, lion, Lichtensteins hartebeest, oribi and defassa waterbuck. It is also possible to find buffalo in this district. If you would like to shoot a really good sable antelope in the open countryside, this is the district for you, and we can guarantee that here you will bag a sable of over 40”.


The camp is a newly built tent camp, each tent with its own bathroom and toilet. There is a common dining area, where all your meals will be served.


The price includes

  • Hunting with a professional hunter
  • Accommodation in a hunting camp with full board and all non-alcoholic drinks
  • Trophy preparation in camp
  • Laundry service
  • All transport during the hunt

The price does not include

  • Return flights to Lusaka
  • Airport taxes
  • Transfers Lusaka . Hunting district US$1,000-
  • Trophy fees
  • Shipment of trophies home
  • Weapons license
  • Departure tax in Lusaka airport (US$30-)
  • Import duties on ammunition (US$2- per cartridge)
  • Hunting license US$ 900-
  • Dipping and packing US$ 750-
  • Gratuities
  • Any hotel accommodation in Lusaka before or after the hunt
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Processing of visa application and visa fee
  • EU-public liability insurance US$ 5,-
  • Everything else not included under the price includes


   Form and price  Fee US$
7 days hunting for buffalo and antelope Hunt 1:1 US$ 10.500,- Cons. Fee US$ 3.500,-
10 days hunting for Elephant, Buffalo and antelope Hunt 1:1 US$ 24.250,- Cons. Fee US$ 3.500,-
14 days hunting for Leopard, Buffalo and antelope Jagt 1:1 US$ 21.000,- Cons. Fee US$ 7.500,-
21 days hunting for Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and antelope Hunt 1:1 US$ 80.000,- Cons. Fee US$ 15.000,-
21 days hunting for Lion, Buffalo and antelope Hunt 1:1 US$ 60,000,- Cons Fee US$ 10.000,- 

Trophy Price List (USD)

Lion $10.500 - Oribi $850 Bangw
Baboon $225 - Reedbuck $850 Bangw
Chobe bushbuck $850 - Bushpig $850
Buffalo $3.750 - Warthog $850
Elephant $10.500 - Sable $7.500
Leopard $7.500 - Roan $7.500
Crocodile $3.200 - Eland $3.750
Duiker $610 - Waterbuck $1.600
Grysbok $850 - Zebra $1.300
Hippopotamus $3.200 - Puku (10 hunting days) $1.100
Hyena $1.100 - Sitatunga $5250 Bangw
Hartebeast, Licht. $1.600 - Black Lechwe $4750 Bangw
Impala $500 - Tssesebe $3750 Bangw
Kudu $2.600 - Vervet monkey $225

IMPORTANT: Regardless wether you book 7or10 days hunting, all the species you wish to hunt must be reserved at time of booking, otherwise there can unfortunately be no guarantee that the species desired will be available. Hunts should therefore be booked in good time (circa. 6-12 months in advance)

Wounded game = killed game + 16%VAT

Trophy fees are payable for all species either killed or wounded


Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17

Tina Jeppesen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 29

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