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Hunting trips to Russia

Almost a continent in itself

Russia, because of it’s enormous size - it is nearly 2 1/2 times larger than all of the USA - has an incredibly rich and varied fauna and flora. In fact here you can find the most diverse  range of animals in the whole of the northern hemisphere.

Great for moose hunting

The moose may be hunted in several parts of Russia, but moose hunting is particurlarly popular on the Kamchatka peninsula, where the average trophy is 155 cm (61 in), but particular large moose have yielded trophys as large as 170-180 cm (69 inches). The average trophies weight is around 30 kg (66 lbs) but can be as large as 55 kg (121 lbs). It is also not unusual to meet some of the large brown bears who inhabit the area, during the hunt.

Moose hunting season ranges from September to November.

Famous for brown bear hunting

Are you ready for an exciting bear hunt? Russia is home to world’s largest population of brown bears. We offer bear hunting in several parts of Russia, but to most hunters, the bears living on the Kamchatka peninsula are the most desired. These bears belong to their own subspecies of brown bear, native only to Kamchatka. These bears grow large - very large. An upright standing brown bear easily becomes more than 3 meters tall (9.4 ft), and can weigh up to 700 kg (1543 pounds) when nearing autumn. Although the bears are not among the most aggressive of the species, this is not a hunt for the faint-hearted. Large caliber munitions are needed to kill the bears, and the shooting distance is usually ranging between 100 and 200 meters (328 - 656 ft.)

Brown bear hunting season lies in April/May and August/September

A popular location for Siberian deer hunting

At a glance, the Siberian deer is quite similar to the European deer. However the body is 50% larger and the average trophy size for a Siberian deer ranges from 700-900 grams (1.8 to 2.4 pounds) and it is not unusual for a Siberian deer trophy to weigh more than 1000 grams (2.6 pounds). It is therefore not surprising, that Russia has become a popular destination for trophy hunters.

Deer hunting season starts in the end of August and ends in the middle of October.

A paradise for the mountain hunter

For the experienced mountain hunter, Russia offers the beautiful Sayan mountains, which houses species such as the Siberian ibex and maral stags. Hunting takes place in the remote mountain regions, where you will be living in a small hunting cabin.

Unspoiled nature and cool climate

Russia is widely known for its large unspoiled territories. The climate varies between Scandinavian and arctic, depending on how far to the north you travel. Especially Kamchatka holds a special place in the heart of many hunters, as the nature seems almost untouched, because it was closed off by the Soviet military until 1990. The peninsula is also quite unique as the landscape is littered with dwarf trees and houses no less than 160 volcanos, 28 of which are still considered active.


Trips to Russia

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  • Moose hunting in Kirov

    In the European part of Russia the possibilities to hunt for the European Elk/Moose are good. The average trophy size is approx. 10 kg, but...

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  • Hunting in the Sayan mountains

    The Sayan mountains lie in southern Siberia, on the border with Kazakhstan , the Altai mountains and Mongolia, south east of the city of...

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  • Gorno Altai

    Gorno-Altai is probably one of your best options if you are looking for a true wilderness hunt in breathtaking nature.  

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    Big roe bucks - really big roe bucks! Siberian roebuck are closely related to the roe buck we have here at home but grow much larger, both in...

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  • Siberian Bear Hunts

    The bear hunts of the Kamchatka peninsula in far eastern Siberia are legendary. Here you can find many really huge brown bears, that grown...

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