Hunting trips to Russia

Almost a continent in itself

Russia, because of it’s enormous size - it is nearly 2 1/2 times larger than all of the USA - has an incredibly rich and varied fauna and flora. In fact here you can find the most diverse  range of animals in the whole of the northern hemisphere.



Trips to Russia

  • Moose Hunting in Russia for European Moose

    In the European part of Russia you have the possibility of good moose hunting. On average trophy sizes are between 8 - 10 kg, but trophies...

    EUR 3.190,- pr. person
  • Kamchatka - Moose hunts

    When we talk about hunting huge moose and big brown bears, two destinations automatically spring to mind - Alaska and Kamchatka. On Kodiak...

    EUR 13.490,- pr. person
  • European moose, Brown Bear and Capercaillie

    In the European part of Russia the possibilities for hunting the European moose are good. The average trophy size is approx. 10 kg, but...

    EUR 4.350,- pr. person
  • Capercaillie and Black Cock hunt in Kirov

    In the heart of Russia between Moscow and the Ural Mountains DIANA’s hunting areas are situated with starting point in Kirov app. 800...

    EUR 1.490,- pr. person
  • Kamchatka Snow Sheep & Koryak Snow Sheep

    This more than 1,500 km long peninsula  does not only impress hunters with the tremendous trophies found here, it can also offer an...

    EUR 21.500,- pr. person
  • Kamchatka - Autumn Hunts for Brown Bear

    In north eastern Siberia, next to the Bering Straights, lies the Kamchatka peninsula. Here in rugged, but  impressive, natural...

    EUR 8.900,- pr. person
  • Brown bear hunting in Kirov

    In the heart of Russia, between Moscow and the Ural mountains, DIANA has one of it’s hunting destinations, with Kirov as the...

    EUR 4.870,- pr. person
  • Hunting in the Sayan mountains

    The Sayan mountains lie in southern Siberia, on the border with Kazakhstan , the Altai mountains and Mongolia, south east of the city of...

    EUR 5.390,- pr. person
  • Gorno Altai

    Gorno-Altai is probably one of your best options if you are looking for a true wilderness hunt in breathtaking nature.  

    EUR 4.590,- pr. person
  • Kurgan: Big Roebuck

    Big roe bucks - really big roe bucks! Siberian roebuck are closely related to the roe buck we have here at home but grow much larger, both in...

    EUR 2.650,- pr. person
  • Brown bear hunting in Kamchatka

    The bear hunts of the Kamchatka peninsula in far eastern Siberia are legendary. Here you can find many really huge brown bears, that grown...

    EUR 14.690,- pr. person