Hunting area

In our area in Bedfordshire you will find a very good population of muntjac and Chinese waterdeer and you can combine the hunt with fallow deer. There is a good chance of getting a medal muntjac and the Chinese waterdeer will mostly be medal trophies. The area will be typical English countryside with areas of farmland. The hunt will be a combination of laying in wait and stalking. A great place to hunt.

Trips to

  • Pigeon shooting in Bedfordshire

    The varying landscape is ideal for pigeon shooting and makes hours of intense pigeon hunting a true pleasure. We have just had 2 hunters out...

    EUR 1.670,- pr. person
  • Raby - Fixed price roebuck hunts

    Experience a roebuck hunt on one of England’s largest privately owned estates, only an hour drive away from Newcastle and around 4...

    EUR 1.810,- pr. person
  • Oxford – Muntjac and combination hunt

    On one of the estates we can offer the exciting possibility of combining together hunting for muntjac, fallow and sika stags. Here it is...

    EUR 1.355,- pr. person
  • Roebuck in Oxford

    We have recently gained access to a new district of 20.000 ha. just south of Oxford, which can offer really excellent roebucks. 

    EUR 1.799,- pr. person
  • Oxford - Pigeons

    Oxfordshire is home to large numbers of wood pigeons, and during 2012 our hunters achieved some really good results  here. Oxfordshire...

    EUR 1.935,- pr. person
  • Hunting in England for exotic deers

    We can now offer hunting in one of these large, very traditional English deer parks for the following species: Père David’s...

    EUR 1.155,- pr. person
  • Devon - Roebuck hunts

    We can offer really good hunting from big roebuck on a district in Devon which provides an excellent habitat for this species. Near the town...

    EUR 1.809,- pr. person
  • Raby - Pigeon shooting

    The district is divided into 2 area, one is hilly moorlands, while the other is typical English farmland with woods and fields divided by...

    EUR 1.652,- pr. person
  • Mendip - Roebuck hunting

    The hunt for the roebuck of your dreams takes place on a district close to the town of Shepton Mallet on the border between Somerset and...

    EUR 1.699,- pr. person